Aquabiliti’s future product offerings will address unmet medical needs in wound care, respiratory care and injectable drug delivery, in addition to continuing its leadership in the flush syringe category.

Below are upcoming advancements in flush syringes:

Aquastat SFR 5 mL Pre-Filled Flush Syringe: Ideal for the pediatric market, these syringes are easier and safer than attempting to use exactly half of a 10 mL syringe. This will be the only 5 mL sterile field ready syringe on the market.

Aquastat SFR 20 mL Pre-Filled Flush Syringe: While many emergency intravenous cardiac medications and contrast media should be immediately flushed with 20 mL of saline, there is currently no 20 mL syringe on the market. Nurses and paramedics must either use 2 10 mL syringes or draw from an IV bag. Both these methods are time-consuming, and often, only 10 mL is used. This product will be important to advance safety and convenience in patient outcomes.