Aquastat SFR Flush Syringes

A Safer, User-Friendly Alternative Driving Performance Satisfaction

Once Aquastat SFR (Sterile Field Ready) Flush Syringes undergo terminal sterilization, they are sealed into their innovative paper-free packaging, allowing them to be presented into a sterile field.

  • Paper-free means no particulate matter in the sterile field
  • Flake-free means sterility intact

Aquastat SFR Flush Syringes are terminally sterilized using irradiation, a process that offers advantages over conventional steam, heat or gas sterilization.

  • Minimal breakforce means less waste, less mess
  • Smooth operation gives greater control
  • Better taste, improved patient experience

Aquastat SFR syringes are packaged 240 syringes per case (4 inner cartons of 60). Contact us today to learn more.

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